Patagonia’s Commitment to Challenging the Confines of Traditional Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is fast becoming a staple in business transparency efforts and many organisations are devising and executing multifaceted CSR strategies, that run the spectrum from philanthropy to environmental sustainability to the pursuit of shared value. For many companies, this broad approach to CSR strategies is often hampered by a lack of coordination andContinue reading “Patagonia’s Commitment to Challenging the Confines of Traditional Corporate Social Responsibility”

2020: The Year of the Hand Sanitizer

In a recent guided meditation named “The Virus”, artists from Dear Climate explored the anthropomorphic characteristics of a virus, (“visible to you in your imagination as a green haze, shifting shapes like fog on a mountain top”), its goals and means to reach them. In a chilling whisper, “do not fear The Virus. Look atContinue reading “2020: The Year of the Hand Sanitizer”

Dear Climate

As the climate crisis shows no signs of slowing down, it has required interdisciplinary action between academics and activists to prove that this is a race that can be won. The perspectives of social and physical sciences are increasingly valued, with philosophical and historical research intensifying the exploration into anthropogenic activities. To ensure that theContinue reading “Dear Climate”

How Ghana Changed My Shower Habits

My flat in Ghana wasn’t worth writing home about: two bedrooms, two nets, one lightless toilet, a kitchen and a basic shower cubicle. However, after a nine-hour flight and a full day of travelling from London to West Africa, I was in desperate longing for a shower. As I stepped barefoot under the shower-head, IContinue reading “How Ghana Changed My Shower Habits”

West Africa cottons on to the raw material opportunity

While in Ghana, I had the pleasure of working alongside development and raw material consultant, Mark Bennett, before he tragically passed away. I didn’t know Mark for very long, however, after working alongside him for just shy of two weeks, I realized how important his work in Sub-Saharan Africa was. After cutting his first eveningContinue reading “West Africa cottons on to the raw material opportunity”

Make Planet Earth Sexy Again

Britain is currently trying to recover from a historic breakup with the EU, entering into the single market, much like Brad and Angelina or Sonny and Cher. Feelings of bewilderment, uncertainty and sadness overwhelm much of the UK, as we try to figure out how to move on. Although the UK is single and notContinue reading “Make Planet Earth Sexy Again”

Sustainability in Practice

In the wake of global warming, deforestation, pollution, species extinction, resource depletion and poverty, and under the scrutiny of the powerhouse, Greta Thunberg, the corporate world is now acknowledging that there is more to sustainability than just reducing energy usage. Although still in its infancy, a growing number of companies are prioritising greener initiatives onContinue reading “Sustainability in Practice”

From Worker to Wearer

For many years, Emma Watson has been walking the green carpet, shining a spotlight on highly fashionable and ethically conscious clothing. This exposure has rippled throughout social media, combating notions that sustainable clothes are unimaginative and full of vanilla-flavoured minimalism, whilst showcasing the importance of transparency and traceability within the fashion industry. Prompting the question:Continue reading “From Worker to Wearer”

The Wins and Woes of Wearing Wool

Since BBC’s Blue Planet shocked viewers by showing the disastrous environmental effects of single-use plastics and Stacey Dooley’s equally as damning documentary named Fashion’s Dirty Secrets, consumers are becoming more ethically aware. While it is nearly impossible to buy products that are 100% sustainable, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try. One way we can buy more consciously isContinue reading “The Wins and Woes of Wearing Wool”

The Kinks Were Right About Our Planet

Stories spiced with juicy and scabrous anecdotes are inherent to the debauched, carefree lifestyle of rock stars and I wonder if their charm would be the same otherwise. Throughout much of the 20th century, Rock ‘n’ Roll saw the rooster-haired vocalist Rod Stewart and his band The Faces, trash countless hotel rooms, Ozzy Osborne snortingContinue reading “The Kinks Were Right About Our Planet”