The Ethical Auditing App Designed to Make Life Easier For Everyone.

As the uncertainties of 2020 overwhelm our society, one certainty remains clear: modern slavery continues to devastate lives. This exploitation can take many forms – human trafficking, servitude and forced labour. Contrary to what many may believe, modern slavery is not just a developing-world problem. It is an issue largely driven and sustained by multinationalsContinue reading “The Ethical Auditing App Designed to Make Life Easier For Everyone.”

From Worker to Wearer

For many years, Emma Watson has been walking the green carpet, shining a spotlight on highly fashionable and ethically conscious clothing. This exposure has rippled throughout social media, combating notions that sustainable clothes are unimaginative and full of vanilla-flavoured minimalism, whilst showcasing the importance of transparency and traceability within the fashion industry. Prompting the question:Continue reading “From Worker to Wearer”