Bamboo: Not Quite The Environmental Turn-On We Were Expecting

The Coronavirus pandemic has reshaped the holiday shopping season with fewer people hitting stores on Black Friday, electing instead to bag a bargain on the digital high-street. This morning, I treated myself to a new pair of trainers. After I had paid, an ad caught my eye for a ‘sustainable bamboo jersey t-shirt’. Now bambooContinue reading “Bamboo: Not Quite The Environmental Turn-On We Were Expecting”

West Africa cottons on to the raw material opportunity

While in Ghana, I had the pleasure of working alongside development and raw material consultant, Mark Bennett, before he tragically passed away. I didn’t know Mark for very long, however, after working alongside him for just shy of two weeks, I realized how important his work in Sub-Saharan Africa was. After cutting his first eveningContinue reading “West Africa cottons on to the raw material opportunity”

The Wins and Woes of Wearing Wool

Since BBC’s Blue Planet shocked viewers by showing the disastrous environmental effects of single-use plastics and Stacey Dooley’s equally as damning documentary named Fashion’s Dirty Secrets, consumers are becoming more ethically aware. While it is nearly impossible to buy products that are 100% sustainable, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try. One way we can buy more consciously isContinue reading “The Wins and Woes of Wearing Wool”