Lifting the weight off the Kayayei community, one straw bag at a time.

From sleeping rough, vulnerable to rape and prostitution, Teni Agana, Founder of the Loozeele Initiative, managed to change her life around and is now working hard to employ vulnerable girls in Ghana. Could you tell me a bit about yourself – your ambition to start the company and your journey to get where you areContinue reading “Lifting the weight off the Kayayei community, one straw bag at a time.”

How Ghana Changed My Shower Habits

My flat in Ghana wasn’t worth writing home about: two bedrooms, two nets, one lightless toilet, a kitchen and a basic shower cubicle. However, after a nine-hour flight and a full day of travelling from London to West Africa, I was in desperate longing for a shower. As I stepped barefoot under the shower-head, IContinue reading “How Ghana Changed My Shower Habits”

West Africa cottons on to the raw material opportunity

While in Ghana, I had the pleasure of working alongside development and raw material consultant, Mark Bennett, before he tragically passed away. I didn’t know Mark for very long, however, after working alongside him for just shy of two weeks, I realized how important his work in Sub-Saharan Africa was. After cutting his first eveningContinue reading “West Africa cottons on to the raw material opportunity”