The Destructive Race for Resources in the Atlantic Ocean

I travelled from Accra across the arid, sandy plains of Ghana to the mouth of the Volta River in the south-east, during the peak fishing season. The estuary island of Ada Foah was fringed with palm trees, dugout fishing boats anchored on the shores, lulled by the languid flow of the tide, and the smellContinue reading “The Destructive Race for Resources in the Atlantic Ocean”

How Ghana Changed My Shower Habits

My flat in Ghana wasn’t worth writing home about: two bedrooms, two nets, one lightless toilet, a kitchen and a basic shower cubicle. However, after a nine-hour flight and a full day of travelling from London to West Africa, I was in desperate longing for a shower. As I stepped barefoot under the shower-head, IContinue reading “How Ghana Changed My Shower Habits”